Affiliate Program

Earn money online by promoting VPS Depot on your website or social. You'll earn $50 for each qualifying sign-up. Easy as that.

Why Join?

Advertising Tools

We have plenty of creative text and banner ads to choose from. Find what fits your site, or request an exclusive 20% off coupon code.

Unlimited Payouts

The more qualifying referrals you send, the more you earn. Get paid via PayPal, check, or account credit. There's no limit to how much you can earn.

Free to Join

Our hosting affiliate program is 100% free to join. Sign up to receive instant access to your own affiliate dashboard and unique tracking URL.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a VPS Depot account to be an affiliate?

No. You can sign up for our affiliate program for free and independently of our hosting using your email address. No purchase is required to participate.

Do you have premade banners and links?

Yes, we offer a variety of pre-designed and coded banner ads and text links which cover a variety of our products and services. Choose a size, style, and product that fits with your website and simply paste in the provided code.

Why is my link for WebHostingPad? How do I link to

Our affiliate program is combined with our sister company, WebHostingPad, so you can advertise either their shared hosting or our VPS services and earn commission either way. To find VPS Depot links specifically, navigate to the Marketing Materials area of your affiliate dashboard and scroll down to find the VPS Depot ads.

Do you provide custom/vanity coupon codes?

Yes! Each of our affiliates is entitled to one vanity coupon code, good for 20% off hosting at purchase. Contact with your preferred vanity code and we'll set it up and activate it right away.

Tips to Earn Commissions

Banners & Affiliate Links

Place our premade banner ads on your website, or include your affiliate link in a relevant blog post.

Refer your Colleagues

If you have professional contacts in need of reliable VPS business hosting, send them your affiliate link in an email or text.

Post on Social

Share your affiliate link with your friends and acquaintances around the world through social media.